Sunday, April 3, 2016

Currently APRIL!

AHHH APRIL!!! Thank you FARLEY for this linky! I get to keep track of the months thanks to you! ;) Is absolutely shocking that we are already in April! Here is my currently :)

Listening :  I LOVE this song! The first time I listened to it I felt this amazing joy! Totally recommend it! 

Loving: The sunshine! One of my favorite parts about spring and summer is the LONG SUNNY afternoons! I love being able to get home and still get some sunshine through my window! 

Thinking: I am doing a photo book for our wedding guestbook! I want to show our engagement pictures, so what better way right?

Wanting : to nap! Here is the only downside about the gorgeous sunshine through the window...napping! 

Needing: to get ready! We had spring break last week! I haven't seen my children in 11 days! Ohhh I miss them but I need to get ready for them!

Whatever: I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! AHHH! How can I create, teach, blog, design AND plan a wedding???? We are finally getting to a good place having booked the big stuff...but oh my we will say I DO in front of God in JUNE! :) 

Here it is! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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