Saturday, March 5, 2016

Currently MARCH!!

Thanks to FARLEY I get to keep up with the months...and is MARCH! How are we already here? Time is just speeding up every time! Any how, I'm linking up with Farley today!

Listening to the birds outside of my window! I love sunny mornings...especially after a rainy, cold night! 

Loving my bed: I am still in lazy Saturday mornings! :) 

Thinking about my wedding registries! My fiance and I started our registries but goodness is quite time consuming! We have loved scanning things, but we are not done yet. I mean we have 4 scanned products at target...yea 4 !

Wanting a Fancy breakfast in bed: You know how in the movies some people wake up with beautiful energy surrounding them...and a fancy breakfast? One day...One day :) 

Needing to download the school pictures from my phone...yea I have reached all storage on my I-phone! We have done so many activities and I have procrastinated when it came to download the pictures...Must do it today.

Polling Site: NOPE! We are a charter school so nope. 

Thanks Farley for this month!! :) 


  1. Saturday mornings in bed are the best...if only you could bottle up that feeling!

  2. I love Saturday, just relaxing! Wow...your getting married how exciting! Thanks for reminding me that I really need to download my pictures off my phone...I can't even take a picture on it right now! Have a great weekend!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  3. Congratulations on getting engaged.