Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentine's Day! - Ideas!

Oh Goodness! Valentine's day already passed and now I'm finally writing about my day! My class had a wonderful day! We celebrated Valentine's on Friday so on Thursday we read The Night Before Valentine's Day! The kids loved it! I had some friends saying, "Oh I'm not going to sleep tonight, I have to do so many letters!!" I was very excited to see what they were actually making. I wish I had pictures of them exchanging their valentine's...but I don't! :( It was a beautiful day!
Now, some of the activities we did were :
I gave them a hundreds chart and I told them we had a hidden picture! I called certain numbers and when I finished talking they found a heart in their paper! They were stoked! (I just used a simple 100 chart and traced the heart on my own, then I just called the numbers I touched while tracing the heart).

The decoration of my door was VERY simple with a lot of help of my friends! I gave them a heart-shaped foam and they decorated it! Each heart was different and unique! Super cute and easy!

We used heart candy to do a science experiment. We used vinegar, soda and water. We put almost the same amount of candy on each container. We waited and saw the reaction of the candies on each one of the cups! We saw some bubbles, and some candies floating!

Why not make cute valentine's card for parents? I posted this idea on my Facebook page, click HERE !!!! Easy and cute to make! :)

Well here was my 2016 Valentine's Day! :) Another one for the books!

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