Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently February!

HELLO FEBRUARY!!!!!! WHATTT??? 100th day of school is coming up soon! Where is time going? We just finished dibels and TRC...YAY! Now Currently,

Listening: La Vie en Rose! I was looking at my Facebook the other day and stumbled upon a youtube video of a this song! I listened to the cover of the girls I went to high school with and honestly is the best one so far! (I am not biased hehe ) PLEASE listen to it HERE!!!  

Loving: To be finally in bed. My brother is playing soccer and his practice ended at 7:30... is quite a dive...I am in love with my bed and I try to get home and run to my bed hehe! 

Thinking: About my fairy letters: To improve my students desire to write I have a fairy mailbox and they write to them! I love answering them but when a BUNCH of your kids write ALL at once you can't function! I am reading letters that say "Dear Fairy, why haven't you giving me my letter yet?" AH!

Wanting: Wanting to find a videographer. My Fiance and I set the date!!!! YAY! June 24th of this year! Yea, in 5 months! That means that planning has been on going...and even though everything has been working out, I haven't found a videographer! Cross Fingers please! 

Needing: To start creating more: I have had my TPT store on the side :( I haven't have time to create which breaks my heart! So many changes are happening ... but I will get back to it soon! 

Swooning: Over Wild Fruit Tea! I tried this tea a month ago...and is simply DELISH! One of my favorites! No doubt! 

Well that is about it :)
 Thank you for stopping by guys!!!
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  1. Hey Girl!
    You definitely have a lot going on. Take your TPT store one product at a time. A few really good products are worth a lot more than a bunch of silly ones. I took a bit of time off after I had my second baby, and my goal has been a new product every month. You can do it!