Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowmen at Night - Art!

Happy Monday!

It has been quite a week thanks to the snowstorm Jonas right? I teach in beautiful North Carolina...we have been OUT of school since Thursday! I do miss my little ones now! Anyhow I wanted to share a cute activity we did some weeks ago. The school is having Literacy Night for the parents to learn how to help their children in reading and tips for them to do at home, to make it more fun each class chooses a book and decorates door and classroom based on the chosen book!
Well we, (I) chose Snowmen at Night, quite fitting right? If you haven't read this book is great for predictions, inferences, and sequencing!
We don't have an art teacher so I have to incorporate it in my class (Which I truly enjoy) and I found this cute activity from The Elementary Art Room !

How cute is that?!?!?! 

The fact that the kids have to tear out the paper made my heart jump with joy because sadly the majority of children do not have fine motor skills! Great project and practice! 

This is how ours turned out! (We have some still *in process because we have been out of school) 
I love to see how creative my students are! They do so well! :) 

I mean, I even got an OLAF!!!! :)

Oh and this is my door! Nothing too fancy but cute enough :) 

We will write about it soon too so a writing post will be up soon :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Currently JANUARY 2016!!

Happy New Year Y'all!!!! I can't believe is already January! Time is flying by! How many more days until summer?? Goodness gracious! I spent new years in Nashville so I couldn't link up with Farley before..but here is my currently! :)

Listening - Less is More! My Fiance's (YES FIANCE! I GOT ENGAGED ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!)))) friend has a really sweet band called Less is More. The are from Michigan and their voices are very unique! Check them out! 

Loving - My new knitted socks! I was downtown Franklin, Tennessee this week and I went into a little nice shop where I found the most amazing boots! The temperature dropped like 20 degrees today...I put them on and they are so AMAZING! Super warm and cozy! and only $16! :)

Thinking - About school tomorrow! I usually ran into my students at the stores or the mall...I haven't seen any of them and I feel it has been too long! I am quite excited about seeing my little ones tomorrow...but I would love to sleep in more! haha! 

Wanting - To pick a date! My fiance and I have been talking a lot about when our big day is going to be...but there has been so much going on that we haven't been able to do it! Either the venues we like are booked or the days they offer don't work for us. :(

Needing - Time with my fiance.  Well obviously I  need him with me to make the decisions...what makes it harder is that he's working in Tennessee while I work in North Carolina. 

One little word - LOVE! I mean, what other word can I possibly pick?!?!!! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy January!