Monday, October 26, 2015

Purple Pencil Sharpener? Yes Please!!!

Hi!!! I am so so soooo excited to share these pictures with you all! I have fallen in love with the best sharpeners for a classroom, created by the great friends at the Classroom Friendly Supplies! I have a green one, you can check my green sharpener HERE !! I have it green because is my favorite color...but now they have a PURPLE SHARPENER!!!! I now own 2 sharpeners and my kids LOOOOVE them!
First of all, I loved that it came assembled! I didn't have to do anything, just take it out of the box...and that was about it! Don't you love the color?

Here is another snap of it (out of the bag). 

Now the fun part, I grabbed a random amount of pencils (not Ticonderoga), sharpened them and voila! My favorite part about these sharpeners is how SHARP they actually are! The face expressions my friends make every time they have a pencil sharpened is amazing! They have never had a pencil THIS sharp...and to be honest...I never had one either...UNTIL NOW!  I truly recommend these sharpeners, my mom and I work at the same school and use them daily! Thank goodness I got this new purple sharpener! Every teacher at our school loves it!!! Thank you so much Classroom Friendly Supplies for creating this! You are awesome!!! #classroomfriendlysupplies 

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