Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for FRIDAY!!!

It has been really busy all of this weeks! I haven't had time to do posts...but I've been busy! :) I am so thankful and in love with my class this year! They are so amazing! I think I changed the way I started the year ... That made a BIG difference! Last year being my first year teaching I was ALL OVER THE PLACE! This year I think and I hope I started with the right foot! Well Here are my five!!


I Launched my classroom's Blog! I think it will be super awesome and I'm thinking on letting some of my 21 friends do the posts..but NOT yet haha! We might wait couple months.



We read Suki's Kimono and my teammate and I got super excited about JAPAN! We learned about schools in Japan and our biggest shock was when we learn that the children are the ones who clean the school! No janitors. In my class they clean up every time we eat snacks or work on certain the end of the day when other classrooms are a MESS mine is clean and ready for the next day thanks to my kids! :)



I finally had time to create something! I was so happy and my heart was filled of joy when I uploaded this product! I just loooove the letters! find them HERE!!!!


We played Number Line SCOOT! I grabbed this freebie from ANNA BRANTLEY. My kids loved it! I love to play I spy around my class and when I get to do I spy (Scoot) in my room I get ecstatic! Today was so much fun! I saw some friends struggling at the beginning but after a couple tries they got it and had tons of fun with it! I loved seeing them walking around, counting and having fun while learning and reviewing number lines! A total HIT!!


Today our read aloud was Wolf! A wolf who learned to read and write! We loved it so much that we made him as a puppet so they could read at home!! It wasn't in the lesson plan ;) BUT it turned out great! I wish I could have recorded them talking like a wolf!!! They crack me up ! I had an AMAZING Friday and I hope you all did too!!!
Now off to watch some Netflix! :)

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