Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Greatest Classroom Sharpener!

Hi All!!! 
Today while I was walking my dog my neighbor brought some mail we got over the summer...(We were out of the country for a couple months!) aaaaand he brought me my sharpener!!!!!! I thought it had disappeared forever but i finally have it!!! So here is my review of the Best Pencil Sharpener! 

Here is how it came...I chose the green one because is my favorite color but they have several colors in the store! I didn't know how to get it working but I figured it out! :) 

Then I grabbed a cheap pencil from the dollar tree because they usually break every time I sharpen them...and I got a regular pencil that I had sharpened.

Now the fun part...I confess that I didn't know how to use it!!! I started to sharpen and of course it didn't work...then I found out that YOU can choose how much you want to sharpen and it stops automatically! It is super kids friendly in that matter! I chose to sharpen this much and when it stopped it was reveal time! 

It is super pointy! There is something about sharpened pencils that every teacher loves...but these two are truly amazing! I haven't had a sharpener this good! Oh and did I mention that is super quiet? It doesn't make much noise! This sharpener made by Classroom Friendly Supplies is definitely a great deal!!! 

Thank you so much for my sharpener! I start school tomorrow and this will be definitely in my classroom! :) 

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