Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five for Saturday!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!
I'm linking up today with doodlebugs teaching. I have been forgetting to link up! My head is somewhere else right now but hopefully I'll be in my blog more! I started working last week :( No more summer! (wwaaaahhh!!) but I'm super excited to meet my new class this Thursday at Open House! This was my week!
My mom's birthday is TODAY! I have the greatest role model and mentor! She has been my favorite teacher and because of her I became a teacher! She is my reason #1 to try my very best ever morning and to become a better person for this world! Feliz Cumple! 

Monday was my first day back to work! I work in a small Title I charter school that faces many challenges but it has a family feeling! You belong to their family and they will welcome you with open arms...anyways...our first day of Staff Development was at the SPA!!! Yes they took the WHOLE staff to the spa! Started the week recharged! 

I registered to my favorite event! Scholastic Warehouse Sale! I love visiting this place! It is definitely my happy place...oh and Ikea, Target, Dollar Store...Well I have a lot of happy places...but Scholastic is THE PLACE! They only open their doors twice a year! I can't wait to go!! 

Yesterday was the last day of Staff Development and it was Friday so I got to wear my Blog Shirt done by the amazing people at A Plus Images! I'll do a post about them only because they really deserve it! Here is a peek of my shirt! 

As I get ready to start working in my class I started doing some little stuff (I haven't spent much time in my room yet). I worked on my pins for my behavior Clip Chart. Is not too much but I makes a big difference in my class :) 

6. An extra!!!

I have forgotten to post about winning a giveaway in Instagram! I won a these great goodies from the sweet Saddle up for 2nd Grade! It is simple amazing!!!!

Can't wait to read your posts!!!! :) 

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