Saturday, August 29, 2015

Five for Friday! {Saturday}

Well I finished my first FULL week of school!!! WOOOHOOO!!  I got home last night and after a farewell party we were hosting I went to bed by 1:00am! :O So yea, that's my little excuse to link up today :( Anyhow...My kids are the BEST! Thanks doodlebugs teaching for hosting my FAVORITE link up! These are my 5!


I met my new 21 friends!!!!! They are super cool and super sweet! I love seeing how much they grow in firs grade! They walked into my room and they are tiny! I'm not that tall, but hey they grow a LOT ! On they one I showed them how first graders read to self! When they read to themselves they can flip their chairs!!!! They think is super cool and asked me ALL week if they could read on their own! 


On Tuesday I showed my friends what EEKK was!!! They thought it sounded funny but they did such good job! They always made sure their elbows were touching each others and their knees were together! Ah I'm a happy teacher! 


We read Chrysanthemum! I love this story and they did too! We read several books this week but we got to do a fun cute art project with this one!! I traced their names on strips of construction paper, then I gave each table different tissue paper (they said ewwwww when I said "I'll give you tissue paper"...thinking it was Kleenex!). I modeled how to rip the tissue paper, AND how big the little paper should be! I had some friends that glued an enormous piece on their name despite seeing that the pieces needed to be as big as their thumb! This took quite a long time but it was Friday! So I did not complain :)


We had our FIRST Show and Tell!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! I gave them the chance to stand on my crate and give the class hints! We all needed to figure out what they had brought! They had so much fun and we got to learn things about each other! I have an all star in my class this year...and SEVERAL little pony fans! 


This was one of the greatest things this week! One kindergarten teacher gave me this back seat pockets!!!! She just walked in my class and asked if I wanted to use them in my class this year! I have been looking for some but I just can't afford them!! I love them! It helps my kids be more organized and keep my tables clutter-free! Best-Day-EVER! 

Can't leave this one out! We had our first Spelling Test!! I love when they write! It brightens up my day!!! #itwassupposedtobeCRAB

Thanks for stopping by!!! 

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