Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Day 2!

Today was our Second Day! I love my 21 new friends! They are super curious and I get to work with these bright minds for the next 180+ Days! So far I have introduced the Whole Brain Rules and they rock! The only thing I switched is the scoreboard...I make a T for Teacher and S for Students! It works so much better for me because instead of having a sad face their teacher is winning! I will post some pictures later this week...having no assistant I have to be on the move ALL day and I can't snap many pictures...Or I forget!
Yesterday I showed my friends how 1st graders "read"! I let them flip over their chairs and then they lay back like if they were beach chairs! They are quite comfortable and they CANNOT BELIEVE THEY CAN FLIP THEIR CHAIRS WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE!!!!

We flipped the chairs while we did a little read to self! They loved being able to read on their own! 

Today I taught them how to put papers in their folders with prongs...yea I make them do that. Why? 1. It gives me the chance to teach them how to be independent
2. They become more aware of their own stuff and take care of it better! 
3. Helps me sort things out!! 

We are reviewing the alphabet and I got this AMAZING FREEBIE from The Moffat Girls!!! My kids love it and is simply wonderful! 

I just couldn't wait to share this with y'all!!!! More news coming SOON!!! :)
Happy Tuesday!

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