Saturday, August 29, 2015

Five for Friday! {Saturday}

Well I finished my first FULL week of school!!! WOOOHOOO!!  I got home last night and after a farewell party we were hosting I went to bed by 1:00am! :O So yea, that's my little excuse to link up today :( Anyhow...My kids are the BEST! Thanks doodlebugs teaching for hosting my FAVORITE link up! These are my 5!


I met my new 21 friends!!!!! They are super cool and super sweet! I love seeing how much they grow in firs grade! They walked into my room and they are tiny! I'm not that tall, but hey they grow a LOT ! On they one I showed them how first graders read to self! When they read to themselves they can flip their chairs!!!! They think is super cool and asked me ALL week if they could read on their own! 


On Tuesday I showed my friends what EEKK was!!! They thought it sounded funny but they did such good job! They always made sure their elbows were touching each others and their knees were together! Ah I'm a happy teacher! 


We read Chrysanthemum! I love this story and they did too! We read several books this week but we got to do a fun cute art project with this one!! I traced their names on strips of construction paper, then I gave each table different tissue paper (they said ewwwww when I said "I'll give you tissue paper"...thinking it was Kleenex!). I modeled how to rip the tissue paper, AND how big the little paper should be! I had some friends that glued an enormous piece on their name despite seeing that the pieces needed to be as big as their thumb! This took quite a long time but it was Friday! So I did not complain :)


We had our FIRST Show and Tell!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! I gave them the chance to stand on my crate and give the class hints! We all needed to figure out what they had brought! They had so much fun and we got to learn things about each other! I have an all star in my class this year...and SEVERAL little pony fans! 


This was one of the greatest things this week! One kindergarten teacher gave me this back seat pockets!!!! She just walked in my class and asked if I wanted to use them in my class this year! I have been looking for some but I just can't afford them!! I love them! It helps my kids be more organized and keep my tables clutter-free! Best-Day-EVER! 

Can't leave this one out! We had our first Spelling Test!! I love when they write! It brightens up my day!!! #itwassupposedtobeCRAB

Thanks for stopping by!!! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Day 2!

Today was our Second Day! I love my 21 new friends! They are super curious and I get to work with these bright minds for the next 180+ Days! So far I have introduced the Whole Brain Rules and they rock! The only thing I switched is the scoreboard...I make a T for Teacher and S for Students! It works so much better for me because instead of having a sad face their teacher is winning! I will post some pictures later this week...having no assistant I have to be on the move ALL day and I can't snap many pictures...Or I forget!
Yesterday I showed my friends how 1st graders "read"! I let them flip over their chairs and then they lay back like if they were beach chairs! They are quite comfortable and they CANNOT BELIEVE THEY CAN FLIP THEIR CHAIRS WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE!!!!

We flipped the chairs while we did a little read to self! They loved being able to read on their own! 

Today I taught them how to put papers in their folders with prongs...yea I make them do that. Why? 1. It gives me the chance to teach them how to be independent
2. They become more aware of their own stuff and take care of it better! 
3. Helps me sort things out!! 

We are reviewing the alphabet and I got this AMAZING FREEBIE from The Moffat Girls!!! My kids love it and is simply wonderful! 

I just couldn't wait to share this with y'all!!!! More news coming SOON!!! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Greatest Classroom Sharpener!

Hi All!!! 
Today while I was walking my dog my neighbor brought some mail we got over the summer...(We were out of the country for a couple months!) aaaaand he brought me my sharpener!!!!!! I thought it had disappeared forever but i finally have it!!! So here is my review of the Best Pencil Sharpener! 

Here is how it came...I chose the green one because is my favorite color but they have several colors in the store! I didn't know how to get it working but I figured it out! :) 

Then I grabbed a cheap pencil from the dollar tree because they usually break every time I sharpen them...and I got a regular pencil that I had sharpened.

Now the fun part...I confess that I didn't know how to use it!!! I started to sharpen and of course it didn't work...then I found out that YOU can choose how much you want to sharpen and it stops automatically! It is super kids friendly in that matter! I chose to sharpen this much and when it stopped it was reveal time! 

It is super pointy! There is something about sharpened pencils that every teacher loves...but these two are truly amazing! I haven't had a sharpener this good! Oh and did I mention that is super quiet? It doesn't make much noise! This sharpener made by Classroom Friendly Supplies is definitely a great deal!!! 

Thank you so much for my sharpener! I start school tomorrow and this will be definitely in my classroom! :) 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five for Saturday!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!
I'm linking up today with doodlebugs teaching. I have been forgetting to link up! My head is somewhere else right now but hopefully I'll be in my blog more! I started working last week :( No more summer! (wwaaaahhh!!) but I'm super excited to meet my new class this Thursday at Open House! This was my week!
My mom's birthday is TODAY! I have the greatest role model and mentor! She has been my favorite teacher and because of her I became a teacher! She is my reason #1 to try my very best ever morning and to become a better person for this world! Feliz Cumple! 

Monday was my first day back to work! I work in a small Title I charter school that faces many challenges but it has a family feeling! You belong to their family and they will welcome you with open arms...anyways...our first day of Staff Development was at the SPA!!! Yes they took the WHOLE staff to the spa! Started the week recharged! 

I registered to my favorite event! Scholastic Warehouse Sale! I love visiting this place! It is definitely my happy place...oh and Ikea, Target, Dollar Store...Well I have a lot of happy places...but Scholastic is THE PLACE! They only open their doors twice a year! I can't wait to go!! 

Yesterday was the last day of Staff Development and it was Friday so I got to wear my Blog Shirt done by the amazing people at A Plus Images! I'll do a post about them only because they really deserve it! Here is a peek of my shirt! 

As I get ready to start working in my class I started doing some little stuff (I haven't spent much time in my room yet). I worked on my pins for my behavior Clip Chart. Is not too much but I makes a big difference in my class :) 

6. An extra!!!

I have forgotten to post about winning a giveaway in Instagram! I won a these great goodies from the sweet Saddle up for 2nd Grade! It is simple amazing!!!!

Can't wait to read your posts!!!! :) 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Five for Friday-On Saturday!

Hi!!! It has been over a month since the last time I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I have been in Colombia spending the most memorable Summer ever!!!! I head back to the US are my FIVE!


I got my last manicure... :( !! Getting a complete manicure in Colombia is so much cheaper than back home... I have paid $3.00! read that right, THREE dollars for a full manicure! 


I got this sweet feedback from a buyer! My heart gets full of joy every time I get feedback! I hope I get more feedback from my other products soon. 


I got my store ready for the back to school sale on TPT!!!!  Check out my store HERE!   I grabbed the cute banner from Miss Johnstons Journey! oh and it was FREE :)


I visited the National Museum! I had never been there before for some reason but I am so glad I got to go on this trip! I learned and refreshed my brain with the Colombian history! Is truly a place I recommend and hey is FREE!!! 


I leave Colombia today, I spent almost 6 weeks in my homeland and it was amazing! I got to travel to so many places and ate so much food!!! This has been one of the best Summers. Besides traveling I also started my instagram @magicallyinfirst, and I'm getting quite exciting about work! (I don't think I will say this when I have to set my alarms!) haha. Well this was my week! Can't wait to read other bloggers!