Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tell all Tuesday - Top 10 Things Teaching has Taught Me!

I cannot stop thinking about the great things other great teachers and bloggers are doing in TPT Vegas today! ah, but I hope to be able to join them next year! Linking up this week with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire. I love this week`s topic! Top 10 things I have learned with teaching. Here is my list!

10. Patience: You will always have those days when you just cannot hold it anymore...but you are the TEACHER, we are superheros and sticks and stones will not break me...Teachers have acquired a special kind of patience. 

9. Plan and plan for the What if`s:  Well what if your kids don`t quite get your lesson yet? What if NOT all of your students are in class? What if you get sick and magically your voice is gone? What if your lesson in not engaging? There are never too many lesson plans, there are never too many activities! Get ready to have your brain working! :) 

8. Be Flexible: Just like my #9 everything will not always go as planned but IS OK! You need to be flexible! You will always have distractions and unexpected things coming up like fire drills, unexpected visitors, technology not working, and so on...take a deep breath and move on :)  !

7. You will always have a new day: YES! I can honestly say I have cried afterschool...I have been so upset that tears come out of my eyes...but hey there is always a rainbow after a storm. If something did not go as planned you will have a second chance...and a third and a fourth...you will always have a new day!!!! 

6. The carpet becomes your chair and the kid`s tables your desk: If you come in my class you will have to spend some seconds looking around and trying to see where I am. I LOVE to sit on the floor! I love to be at my kids` heights and they love to feel the proximity. All around my class I have pens, markers and papers, I know where everything is but I almost never go to my desk. 

5. Get Creative: I have the most fun when I plan creative lessons for my kids! I love arts and crafts and when I get to incorporate them in my lessons we all have a blast!!!! From necklaces to bracelets to hats and paint!! I love teaching because it gives me the chance to use my imagination to its fullest and I get to have fun! 

4. Target and the Dollar Tree are your BFF`s : I visit these stores way more than normal people ha! Everytime I go for one thing I end up getting ...hmm...more? Is it our fault or their fault for having great things for teachers? I just can`t resist sometimes. 

3. Your salary goes back to your class: Yup, this I didn`t learn at school...I have bought so many books, supplies, decorations for my class. When I get emails from Scholastic or TPT about deals I can only think on how much that will benefit my children!! The more books the more they will enjoy reading! The more supplies the more we can do and learn in class! I am a teacher and I invest in my students future! 

2. You will get tired: I have been tired before, but there is no tired like a tired teacher! I could not take naps during the day...I do now. I would enjoy going out on the weekends but if I have the choice of sleeping in and do NOTHING ehhh that is my choice. Surprisingly I am never tired when I am with my kids...as soon as I get to my car I become a grandma that wants a nap. 

1. You are the HERO and ROLE MODEL for your kids! : Sometimes your kids ONLY look up to you! You must try your best to be that person for them, the person that will make them want to learn, fall in love with books and become a better person! It is a big responsibility to be a person and teachers are the shapers of our future leaders! Be happy! Be great! Be their person! :) 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I can`t wait to read your comments! 


  1. Great list! Sometimes, on the really tough days, I watch a couple of Kid President videos to perk me up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love Kid President, haven´t watched the videos in a while, thanks for reminding me!

  2. I love your list! It's true that being FLEXIBLE is so important! I hope to make it to Vegas next year too, maybe we'll meet!
    Thanks for sharing what teaching has taught you!
    Lindsay, The Owl Teach

    1. That would be amazing!!! #teacherswillbeinvegassoon! :)

  3. Love your list... I love #1. We are the role models and heroes for so many kids... It's a big job but one that we love doing each and every day!

  4. Hi, Zay, I enjoyed reading your list, and I must say I agree with every single thing you mentioned. You said it so well.
    I am so glad I found you muchacha, as I am also a Hispanic teacher (I'm originally from Argentina). I am in Florida, there is a lot of people from Colombia here!
    I'll be following your blog, and on Instagram!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

    1. Hola Marta!!!! I´m so glad you stopped by my blog!!!! EEEKK! So Exciting! I followed you already on instagram as well :) I am currently in Colombia traveling and visiting so I haven´t done much "teaching" things! What grade do you teach???