Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Dream Classroom!

Two posts in one day??? Yup! Today is Tuesday and today I get to link up with the ladies from My Day in K  and Teach Talk Inspire!! I don´t think is fair that you two choose this topic, it made my mind go wild! I have so many pins about classrooms that when I read the topic of  My Dream Classroom I went bananas!
My dream classroom would have lots of storage spaces, big windows where the kids can admire nature. Nice and cute curtains to use when the kids need to focus! I would love to have a door taking us directly to the playground. I would love a big room where I could have special centers and activities! I always try to make the room cozy and comfy especially the reading center, I want to make the reading experience magical. These are some of the pictures that caught my eye, I love colorful decorations and patterns!!
The color of the bins and the set up is just lovely! 

I wish I had big shelves to store materials and books.
I stumbled upon this image and I loved the idea of the pillows and the comfy chairs, I love to sit on the floor and would not mind to sit on some cushions! 

These crates have been my dream, I have some and I use some cushions but they can´t stay on! I Want these for my small group. 

Last but not least I would love a classroom that is OPEN!! I love the open concept and the idea of no tables from one of my all time favorite bloggers The Mister from the Kindergarten Smorgasboard! 
This picture captures the open concept and the magical and cute effect a classroom should have! 

I could keep going but then my post would be too long haha! 

If you want your mind to go wild simply click HERE!!!! It will take you to a link of incredible and amazing classrooms!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Follow if you can :)


  1. I love the pictures of the comfy chairs and pillows!!! That was in my dream too!!!

  2. Hi Zay Parra, LOVE your pictures. I am actually going to attempt to make the fabric crates today. I'll let you know how it goes, haha! Thank you for taking the time to link up with us. :)