Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guess What?? - COLOMBIA!

Hi all! Guess what???
I am currently visiting my homeland!!! Yes! I am in Colombia! I came home last week and I cannot believe it yet! It has been such wonderful trip so far and I am in love with the views...AND the food!!! If you come to Colombia get ready to eat because the cuisine here is simple amazing!!
This is the city I was born, BOGOTA!

Pretty nice right?

Take a look at this one! I mean seriously?? This was my brother´s breakfast! Orange Juice, Fresh Bread, Hot Chocolate and Tamal! So good!!!!

I have been so blessed with this trip! I have visited so many places and eaten so much food!!! Therefore I do not have time to work on my TPT or my blog... :( But hey! I will post whenever I get around a computer and I will post more pictures!

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