Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday :) - Last week!

Hellooooo!!! Yess! Finally we are OUT OF SCHOOL!!! I cannot believe we are done! Here are my Five for Friday!


This week I went to school with so much energy! I was so excited about the last week of school! I saw several teachers cleaning the class but I couldn't stop teaching! We read a cute story about a guy who created beautiful stained glass windows! Well my kids made their own windows! Super simple and great for math! 


I am obsessed with the Dollar Tree! I have found some really cool and neat stuff! One of my all time favorites are the beads with letters!!! They are colorful, small and cheap! We read a book called "Don't be silly Mrs. Millie" Is hilarious and we chose the silly words she would get confused...and why not make necklaces with the beads??? This is an example, Pencils - Penguins! I used pieces of straw to separate the words.  


Wednesday was our last day of class! I still had some goodies in our special each one of my children got to take home great things! We had a mini store in class :)   My kids are a little spoiled...but what teacher doesn't love giving?? 


On Wednesday we also had a Cupcake Party! We also made our very own class cupcakes! Each child made their cupcake and the "sprinkles" was everybody's names! This is mine (I know very simple and bleh! but I didn;t have time to take a picture of my children's masterpieces). I can only tell you that they were BEAUTIFUL.  


In other brother turned 14!!!!!! I still say he is 12.... Oh goodness where is time going? He got to celebrate at his favorite place doing what he loves...indoor soccer with his pals.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUAN! 

So stoked for Summer! 


  1. Zay,
    I love that you are still teaching lessons and doing activities with your students even through the last week! I have one more week till summer and I agree! The time flew by!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

    1. Hi Katie!
      Thanks for stopping by! Summer is just around the corner! Enjoy your last week of school!!!! :)