Friday, June 19, 2015

Five For Friday - Summer!

FRIDAY!! How are you all? I am so excited about this week!!! It has been amazing!


One of my friends is getting married today so I needed to visit one of my favorite places!! :) They give you a free massage while they work on your toes and hands...ah so amazing!


Tuesday was my LAST day of school!!! No mas! But of course the paperwork and report cards kept me from leaving last Friday...but finally I am done with this school year! It was an amazing one and I could not be more happy! My class looks so empty and bleh but everything is ready for Summer ! 


We went out to celebrate the end of the year to my favorite restaurant...I am in love with restaurants that have patios! I love to eat outside and when a restaurant has a patio like this...I mean what's better than THAT? Is called Village Tavern and is very cozy! Oh and the food is simply delicious! 5 out of 5!


This happened yesterday! Is official! I am traveling....but I will tell you next week ;) I could not be more excited .... get ready for tons and tons of pictures!!! 


I am at a wedding today!!!! Pictures will be up soon but I can tell you that is on the BEACH!!! And my friend gets married at one of the beaches I blogged about on Tuesday! Ocean Isle Beach! 

How was your week!!???!?!?! 

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