Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday - Last Friday!

Hello again! OHMYGOSH! Last Friday of the 2014-2015 school year!!!! (Kids' last day is Wednesday so technically it IS our last Friday together). We have had such a crazy week! We have had several activities at school and changes in our schedules which makes the kids a little bit too excited...but oh well, the week is over haha! This was our week! 


 We LOVE fairy books (if you read my other posts you can see that haha!) Each fairy has a charm and when I bought my newest collection it came with TWO! I brought them to school and the kids were simply overwhelmed! They could not believe it! Magical! 


Some months ago we learned about rocks and minerals, it was a great science unit and somehow we are going back to it. One boy brought a rock he found in his yard for show and tell...well that sparked all of my kids curiosity of rocks again! When we go to recess this is what they do! They dig and dig trying to find rocks and minerals!  They are just awesome! 


I have the sweetest kids. One of my girls wanted to share something with everyone...she brought coloring books for EVERYBODY! They love the feeling of giving! They rather give than receive! I am so proud! 


Math is one of our favorites! I had been saving this for the end of the year. Let's measure your friend! I paired up my children and using blocks they got to see how long their buddies were. It was so fascinating for them and it showed me their counting, measuring and overall social skills! 


We finished our first grade memory books! I created them for my class and they loved them! Of course my favorite page was "This is my teacher".  It is so sweet what the kids write about you sometimes! I wish I could keep their books!  We also had ice cream from our ESL teacher making my Friday 10 times awesome! 

This weekend I need to plan some sweet, fun and unforgettable lessons for my kids...any ideas??? Thanks!!!

Summer vacation is almost here!


  1. Oh, they are so sweet! I love that they dig for rocks and minerals...such beautiful curiosity. Enjoy your last few days with your little sweeties!

    The Craft of Teaching

    1. They are indeed precious! Thanks for stopping by!

      Magically in First

  2. Love your 5!! Hope you have a great Summer!