Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tell all Tuesday - Summer Flashback!!!

I love the topic of today! Thank you so much My Day in K and Teach, Talk and Inspire! Is so hard to only pick one memory! When I think of my childhood I have to go back to my homecountry Colombia! I had a wonderful childhood and my summers were amazing!! Some days ago I made a post saying I was going to travel for the summer...well I am in Colombia! Here is where I have some of my best memories!!!! I had the chance to visit this weekend one of my favorite towns Guatavita! Have yall heard of the legend of El Dorado??? Well here is where I went!!!

Soooo I think this IS my summer flashback...though this is currently happening haha! This place is timeless...I will post more pictures of my trip soon ! 

Happy Tuesday!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! :) 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tell All Tuesday - Teacher's Bucket List

Hi!! Happy Tuesday! I have been linking up with My Day in K and with Teach, Talk and Inspire ! They have been hosting the greatest summer linky party! This week's topic is Teacher's bucket list...What's on MY bucket list...Oh gosh, is so hard to narrowing it down but here it is!

1. Grow my TPT store and blog: I became a blogger and a seller at the same time this year, it has been so so so exciting and super rewarding! I have learned so many things that I surprised myself! I started because I saw a bunch of my favorite bloggers talking about TPT Vegas! I wanted to go but I needed to become a premium seller...well that gave me the push I needed to start building my little empire! I love creating my products and I love when people get them! I will work on more products this Summer and hopefully I will get new followers :)!!!!

2. Go to TPT Vegas: Well who does not want to go to Vegas? What teacher does not want to go to the funnest and most amazing conference ever? Yea, I have the TPT Vegas as one of my priorities for next Summer! I couldn't go this year but I will be reading all about it soon! Next year I hope to be writing about it than reading about it though!

3. Get a Montessori License : Before I did my student teaching I was required to go to schools that did not belong to the district, you know to see their curriculum and how they were different, well I got to visit a montessori school and I loved it! I really hope one day to get the montessori license!

4.  Attend Workshops Nationwide: As a teacher I have learned that YOU never stop learning! Things change so much and we must keep up with it. I have also learned that there are many different ways to do one thing so why not try to see the world with different eyes? I would love to be the best for my students and a way to grow as a teacher is to collaborate constantly and attend workshops, I would love to go to workshop held in all 50 states! Why not? :) 

Well these are in my bucket list, thank you for stopping by and read my post! I can't wait to read other bloggers posts! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Five For Friday - Summer!

FRIDAY!! How are you all? I am so excited about this week!!! It has been amazing!


One of my friends is getting married today so I needed to visit one of my favorite places!! :) They give you a free massage while they work on your toes and hands...ah so amazing!


Tuesday was my LAST day of school!!! No mas! But of course the paperwork and report cards kept me from leaving last Friday...but finally I am done with this school year! It was an amazing one and I could not be more happy! My class looks so empty and bleh but everything is ready for Summer ! 


We went out to celebrate the end of the year to my favorite restaurant...I am in love with restaurants that have patios! I love to eat outside and when a restaurant has a patio like this...I mean what's better than THAT? Is called Village Tavern and is very cozy! Oh and the food is simply delicious! 5 out of 5!


This happened yesterday! Is official! I am traveling....but I will tell you next week ;) I could not be more excited .... get ready for tons and tons of pictures!!! 


I am at a wedding today!!!! Pictures will be up soon but I can tell you that is on the BEACH!!! And my friend gets married at one of the beaches I blogged about on Tuesday! Ocean Isle Beach! 

How was your week!!???!?!?! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tell all Tuesday -Summer Snapshot!

Happy Tuesday!!! The topic this week for the best summer linky party is Summer Snapshot! Ah that just puts everybody on a really good mood!!!! Here in North Carolina we will be rocking the 100 degrees today! (and I am not at the beach :(  ). Is crazy but it puts be right on beach mode haha!

My favorite Summer memories happen at the coast, I live 4 hours away from it and I have been very blessed to being able to spend a week at the beach every year!

Last year we went to one of my favorite beaches, Wrightsville Beach ! It was one of my favorite getaways! I really recommend this beach if you are planning on coming to North Carolina,  is a MUST!

Seriously? Look at that! 

I am in love with Ocean Isle Beach as well...well we both are in love with the coast anyways but one of our favorite things to do is going out to eat! We have been to so many restaurants I wish I could remember all the delicious dishes we have had...oh and I wish I could remember WHERE we ate WHAT haha! 

This year I will be doing a little more traveling than usual... I won't spoil anything yet but I will do a BIG post soon!!! eeeekkkk! I'm so stoked for this summer!!! 
What's your favorite Summer Memory??? Don't forget to link with the awesome  My Day In K and Teach Talk Inspire ! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday :) - Last week!

Hellooooo!!! Yess! Finally we are OUT OF SCHOOL!!! I cannot believe we are done! Here are my Five for Friday!


This week I went to school with so much energy! I was so excited about the last week of school! I saw several teachers cleaning the class but I couldn't stop teaching! We read a cute story about a guy who created beautiful stained glass windows! Well my kids made their own windows! Super simple and great for math! 


I am obsessed with the Dollar Tree! I have found some really cool and neat stuff! One of my all time favorites are the beads with letters!!! They are colorful, small and cheap! We read a book called "Don't be silly Mrs. Millie" Is hilarious and we chose the silly words she would get confused...and why not make necklaces with the beads??? This is an example, Pencils - Penguins! I used pieces of straw to separate the words.  


Wednesday was our last day of class! I still had some goodies in our special bag...so each one of my children got to take home great things! We had a mini store in class :)   My kids are a little spoiled...but what teacher doesn't love giving?? 


On Wednesday we also had a Cupcake Party! We also made our very own class cupcakes! Each child made their cupcake and the "sprinkles" was everybody's names! This is mine (I know very simple and bleh! but I didn;t have time to take a picture of my children's masterpieces). I can only tell you that they were BEAUTIFUL.  


In other news....my brother turned 14!!!!!! I still say he is 12.... Oh goodness where is time going? He got to celebrate at his favorite place doing what he loves...indoor soccer with his pals.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUAN! 

So stoked for Summer! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths And One Lie!

Well tell all Tuesday starts today and is my last Tuesday before Summer Break!!!!!!! Two amazing bloggers Teach Talk Inspire and My Day in K are doing a link-up party and I am joining! These are my 2 truths and my 1 lie...can you guess which one is the lie?


I love traveling! Well I am from another country so traveling is in my blood.  My family and I have been to all of the states on the East Coast. 


I never wanted to be a teacher. I come from a family of teachers and the last option for me was teaching. I went to school for international business but after I took accounting I realized that I needed to take a semester off and find out what really passionated me.


I have been dating my boyfriend for four and a half years! It is crazy to know that you can actually meet your better half while in college! 

Which one is the lie? 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday - Last Friday!

Hello again! OHMYGOSH! Last Friday of the 2014-2015 school year!!!! (Kids' last day is Wednesday so technically it IS our last Friday together). We have had such a crazy week! We have had several activities at school and changes in our schedules which makes the kids a little bit too excited...but oh well, the week is over haha! This was our week! 


 We LOVE fairy books (if you read my other posts you can see that haha!) Each fairy has a charm and when I bought my newest collection it came with TWO! I brought them to school and the kids were simply overwhelmed! They could not believe it! Magical! 


Some months ago we learned about rocks and minerals, it was a great science unit and somehow we are going back to it. One boy brought a rock he found in his yard for show and tell...well that sparked all of my kids curiosity of rocks again! When we go to recess this is what they do! They dig and dig trying to find rocks and minerals!  They are just awesome! 


I have the sweetest kids. One of my girls wanted to share something with everyone...she brought coloring books for EVERYBODY! They love the feeling of giving! They rather give than receive! I am so proud! 


Math is one of our favorites! I had been saving this for the end of the year. Let's measure your friend! I paired up my children and using blocks they got to see how long their buddies were. It was so fascinating for them and it showed me their counting, measuring and overall social skills! 


We finished our first grade memory books! I created them for my class and they loved them! Of course my favorite page was "This is my teacher".  It is so sweet what the kids write about you sometimes! I wish I could keep their books!  We also had ice cream from our ESL teacher making my Friday 10 times awesome! 

This weekend I need to plan some sweet, fun and unforgettable lessons for my kids...any ideas??? Thanks!!!

Summer vacation is almost here!