Friday, May 29, 2015

Five For Friday!

1.  I saw the most wonderful idea in Mrs. Rios Blog. I had planned on giving my children a book that they could treasure forever! We are hooked to the Rainbow Magic Books! They love these chapter books and hey! They are seven and they are reading chapter books because they love them so much! 
These are the bookmarks I did, they turned out preeeetty good. Oh and I got to use my new laminator! 

2. During centers I spotted a future teacher! We practice our high frequency words everyday and look! She was teaching her friends and coming up with new word games...oh and they were hooked and listening to her! <3 
3. One of our centers is fluency folders...I got the most wonderful fluency passages from Primary Possibilities . My kids love to work with them but had forgot they had new stories! I usually do this in small group but look, they were doing everything on their own! I feel so so proud!  

4. I have the best people in my life! My boyfriend's parents donated me money to use in my class! (I know I am blessed ;) ) I used the money to buy my children fairy books! They could finally have their first Rainbow Magic Book! (They ask me everyday for these books and I do not have enough for everybody) She came to my class and helped me pass out their gifts...A picture is worth more than a thousand you be the judge of how they felt. 

5. Of course NOTHING can top a fairy book and our wonderful Thursday...except MAGIC ICE CREAM! Yes Magic ;) watch the tutorial here. This is them outside shaking their ice cream! 

I think we had a WONDERFUL week! Next week is our LAST FULL WEEK!

8 more days!


  1. I love the sight words and fluency centers! That is magic. Thank you for sharing the pictures and ideas.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I try my best everyday to share some magic with the kids :)