Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bar Graphs!

It has been such a long MONTH!!!! April left and May arrived and I am so ready for June already! May = testing season! Chaos? Oh my! Between working and planning I have no time for anything! I am a little behind on the posts I have wanted to do but today I devoted my planning to this. My kids had a hard time understanding and reading a bar graph (I thought it was going to be a piece of cake). My mind was set on creating something for my little ones to understand better. If you want to grab your freebie head over to my store HERE . The freebie includes only two bar graphs :( bummer....but grab the FULL PACKET of bar graphs HERE !!!
Before we used our graphs I modeled how to ask questions and how to record the information by using tally marks. They were so excited since they were about to start walking around the class and the were going to interview their peers.
What is your Favorite Animal??? 
Of course after they recorded their information they NEEDED to analyze their data. On the back of their paper they had some questions about their graph and little pictures for them to color! My kids would color the walls if they could!

By the way here is one of my favorite pictures of them asking questions to each other! They are precious and they looked like little reporters! Super cute! 
 The bar graphs were a huge HIT! Thankfully I have more graphs in my packet for them to use! They really loved it and they are great at analyzing them now! YAY!

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