Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Anyone?

Friday finally! It has been such a busy week! I love having breaks but I really dislike having to wake up early 5 days a week! But oh well, I love my job and the more time I spend at school the more ideas I get! One of my favorite things about holidays is the sale stores have AFTER the holidays! I got to buy TONS of easter eggs on sale, and of course I had to use them in my class. I wrote some of the high frequency words my students are learning and I put one on each egg, obviously the children were stoked when they saw a new center! Especially one with easter eggs! I love white boards and so do they, therefore we played a little writing game! Each child needed to grab an egg, inside they would find a word and then they needed to create a LONG sentence (because Ms. Parra loves long sentences).
Our Easter Eggs!!!
They even had 3 words for sentences!!!

Working hard!

I will keep the eggs for a while, they are just fantastic! The children love to pick them and play with words and is so far a great hit on work on writing! I will also use them for math facts next week, I will definitely try to post about how it went so be sure you check my blog! Any questions or suggestions?

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