Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I had been so excited since I made the decision of becoming a seller on  teachers pay teachers ! I think it was good timing or something because I created my products about my beloved Dr. Seuss and it was a hit! I had read blogs about how hard is to sell your first product and mine happened to sell overnight! I am super excited and looking forward to what is coming my way! Since my Dr. Seuss Packet I have been creating only freebies (because I like sellers who have a lot of freebies) but I am planning big things soon! I am getting all my materials ready to start creating more and more resources! I am completely exhausted and can barely stand my laptop's screen, but I am loving every second of this! Please check my store out! just click here or the link on the right column! Any feedback is appreciated!
I will be back this weekend!

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