Saturday, February 28, 2015

Whole Brain Teaching (Power Teaching)

Well hi! Lately with all the unexpected wonderful snow days we had I had been super interested in Whole Brain Teaching. I have been reading blogs and watching videos about it, it is absolutely wonderful! It is great for making your classes engaging and fun! You use a lot of gestures which is great for kinesthetic children! So far my favorite blog is Teaching and Learning Together, she has wonderful videos that show you how to implement whole brain. She is great!
I started working with my students this way and of course we had to begin with the attention getters, CLASS-YES! They pretty much had a blast! They thought and still think is a game, and they are actually REALLY good at it! I have tried many attention getters, from clapping to counting and nothing has worked as good as class-yes. 
A second thing I implemented in the class was MIRROR, which is FABULOUS! Every time I need to teach a concept or simply give out directions mirror is the way to go! When I taught them mirror I started with a short game, they needed to bring out their mirrors (which are really their hands) and do EVERYTHING I do. They love to mimic me of course, so they always are focused and eager to participate. I am still learning Whole Brain so I will have more posts about it in the near future. If you want to start or know what the basics are check out this video, it is fascinating!

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